Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Wait a Little Longer

We live in a society in which waiting is not considered to be a good thing. It's a waste of time. We could be doing something important in the time we're spending waiting.

I spent a TON of time waiting...in one way or the other...from Thursday afternoon to around midnight on Sunday. You don't want to know (and I don't want to relate) the details of a trip to Orlando for a conference. But, let it suffice to say that the trip involved a bunch of flight delays, waiting for meetings to start and then be over, and sitting through dinners and lunches waiting for them to end.

However, there were moments in which I didn’t mind waiting because I had a book or magazine, or the person speaking in the meeting or meal was interesting or humorous, or I let my mind wander to something more pleasant than the situation in which I found myself. I was glad to be there.

But, I can’t shake the feeling that all the while I was waiting I could have been getting something done. The feeling is not necessarily uniquely American (pretty much everyone around the world doesn’t like waiting) but we do have a bad habit of wanting to fill every minute. This “busyness” as it’s called in the literature is considered by some health care professionals to be akin to a disease.

Dis-ease…get it?

Are you doing things just to be doing them? If I asked you to sit quietly for 10 minutes could you do it without feeling like I was pulling out your fingernails?

If you can’t chill for 10 minutes you’ve got a case of “busyness”.

(and, no, I can never remember if the period goes inside the quotes on something like the sentence above…but, if you obsessed on that you may be farther …or is it “further”…over the edge than I can help you with.)

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  1. I do this problem and I was well aware of it before I read this entry... but thank you for reminding me to CHILL OUT!!

    (And the period goes in the quotes; in British English it goes out! But that does mean I'm busy, it's my job to know these things. :-) )