Monday, August 23, 2010

We're All Freshmen

This is a great time of year in Chapel Hill or any university or college town. Freshmen are arriving and upperclassmen are coming back.

(OK, OK, so some of you don’t like the freshMEN and upperclassMEN …how does freshpersons and upperclasspersons sound? Dial your indignation down to about a 3 and just sliiiiiiide on by it.)

Anyway, before the Political Correctness Police got me off track, I was saying that all the kids coming back is fun, but a mixed blessing. It’s back to waiting in line for a restaurant and traffic has quadrupled.

Today, in church, the minister was welcoming students back and said, “When comes down to it, we’re all freshmen in life. We’re trying to make good decisions and get along in a life that often seems difficult and confusing.”

What if we all used that frame of reference every now and then?

How would you look at life differently if you were a freshman?

In business there is a style of planning that makes a similar assumption. The basic question is, “If we were not in this business already, would we get into it?” And, “What if we knew nothing about this opportunity/business/decision what would we need to know?”

Dropping assumptions and looking at a situation with fresh eyes is difficult, but worth it.

So, put on your freshman/woman/person beanie and ask, “What do I need to cast new, fresh eyes on?”

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