Monday, September 6, 2010

Your #1 Chance to Keep Working

Labor Day Monday.

If you are working today take a moment and give thanks for your job. You might not like it, but you're working...unlike millions of other Americans.

Labor Day was created as a day to honor working Americans.

New studies show that we continue to be some of the most productive workers in the global economy.

However, recent research also shows a rapidly growing gap (income and opportunity) between what I'll call "more knowledge" and "less or no knowledge" jobs. You can forget blue-collar and white-collar jobs. Some of the new opportunities that would have been called blue-collar in the past, jobs on manufacturing lines, require computer skills and a talent for higher-level thinking; knowledge jobs.

If you aren't learning something on a regular basis that helps you in your job you're already falling behind.

In our culture we are still conditioned by the school schedules we and our kids follow to see the fall as a beginning; of the school year, of college football, of new opportunities.

Make this fall the beginning of a new time of learning for yourself.

If you map out a simple plan to learn something new this fall and get back in the habit of challenging your brain cells they won't the the only things with a better chance of working.

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