Thursday, September 23, 2010

Are You An Actor?

On Monday and Tuesday nights I recorded some of the TV premiers; NCIS, NCIS: Los Angeles, Lonestar, and I caught some of The Defenders last night.

With the exception of NCIS I didn’t watch any of them all the way through. After about 10-15 minutes I deleted the others and turned The Defenders off.

At least in the short term my actions didn’t matter to the actors (if lots of people aren’t interested the shows won’t last too long).

But, the actors got to do exactly what they wanted to do, act.

Think about it, very few people stumble into acting like some folks stumble into selling, or fixing stuff, or standing at a counter and serving customers.

Acting is tough. You’re putting yourself into a situation in which the audience can quickly reject you if they don’t appreciate what you’re doing. If you are going to succeed as an actor you’ve got to want it….baaaaad.

I like that focus. I might not appreciate the story, characters, or production (went to see George Clooney’s new movie, The American, yesterday and was lukewarm about it), but I truly admire the persistence it takes to be an actor; even a bad actor if they try to stay with it.

Music and musicians are the same as actors in terms of focus, dedication and persistence.

So, think about your media habits like this: You are spending your time listening to and watching people who are doing exactly what they want to be doing in life.

Are you?

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