Friday, September 24, 2010

A Book In Time

When I walk through a bookstore I feel like I have on Velcro clothes. Books just leap off the shelves and stick to me. I’ve worried that my love of books was a type of addiction. It’s almost impossible for me to walk through a bookstore and not buy a book.

But, I could be addicted to worse things, right?

The other day I was in Barnes and Noble and found 50 Psychology Classics on the bargain table. It’s great! Short, 4-page summaries of books ranging from William James’ The Principles of Psychology (1890) to Daniel Gilbert’s Stumbling on Happiness (2006).

The back of the title page showed me that there is a 50 Self-Help Classics and I’m getting ready to order it from

My trip to B&N also rewarded me with a couple of novels, one of which I’ve finished.

It’s a sad fact that waaaay over half of Americans never read a whole book after they get out of high school/college.

Any successful person will tell you that you must keep feeding your mind if you want to succeed.

I look around my home and think, “So many books, so little time.”

What are you reading?

Have a great weekend. See you Monday.

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  1. HI Mike!
    I was in your seminar yesterday up in Henderson and really enjoyed the 3 hours! Thanks for all the tips and ideas!!
    I'm reading tons of things right now...