Thursday, September 16, 2010

Cigars or Drums...What's the Choice?

Had dinner last night at a meeting of a great cigar club in Hickory, NC.

Ok, so unwrinkle your nose. The guys were great, the food was good and the cigars were outstanding!

The president of the Carrillo Cigar Company talked about his business and his evolution in the industry.

Ernesto Carrillo, Jr. was a talented Cuban drummer as a young man in Miami and New York in the early '60s but he gave up music to return to Miami to run his father's cigar company.

I asked him if he still played the drums.

He said, "No, music and cigars are very similar. They both take total dedication. I chose cigars."

Increasingly, I'm realizing that my energies are divided among too many things; it's time to focus.

Are you focused or spread too thinly? Do you have the courage to make the type of choice Ernesto made?

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