Thursday, September 30, 2010

What About the Furry Coach?

When I awake each morning I can look on top of a bookcase in my bedroom and see a football sitting point down atop a heavy crystal flower vase. I think I stuck the football in there simply because it kept rolling off the shelves.

The sight is a wonderful juxtaposition between things that are very dissimilar.

Believe it or not, making observations like that, putting the unlike together, makes us smarter. It causes our brains to have little “aha” moments. Here’s something else that’s kinda wild: when we have moments like that the areas of our brains that light up using a functional MRI are same areas that light up when people use drugs. Our brains love the activity.

Try this: Pick five nouns…any nouns…let’s say….coach, book, steel, telephone and box. Then, pick five more words based on the senses…let’s say….sweet, stinky, furry, screeching, nearsighted. Now…match up the two groups and see what you get.

Furry Coach, Stinky Book, Sweet Steel, Nearsighted Telephone and Screeching Box.

Any of the phrases might have made you smile, even laugh. (The Furry Coach got me ‘cause I know someone like that.)

But, the phrases could be the starting points of ideas that could develop into products, processes, or new ways of doing things.

The simple act of creation is a wonderful human trait and a source of joy for our brains. It makes us smarter.

Try it.

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