Wednesday, September 1, 2010

What Are You Up To?

Met a 70-year old Maine transplant yesterday who has lived in NC for 20 years.

He talked about how so few people today have goals in life. “It seems like they drift from job to job or interest to interest and don’t have anywhere they’re really going,” he said.

He pointed out that when he was young he set a goal of being a fireman or policeman and he became both in his career.

He said, “If I decide that I’m going to go through that wall over there I’ll do it sooner or later. Might take awhile, but I’ll make it.”

I tend to be a goal-setter so I clicked with his life philosophy, and I thought about what he’d said the rest of the day.

And he’s right.

Most people have vague desires…to be happy, make some money, have good kids. But, they don’t have specific goals. Targets get you moving and help align forces to help you get there.

Our conversation also made me feel a little sheepish. I’ve run into a period of my life in which I don’t have specific goals as I have in the past. I’m really struggling with figuring out what’s next. And that’s rare for me.

Time for me to make some decisions and set some goals.

How about you?

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