Friday, September 3, 2010

What Can You Learn from a Hurricane?

Here in North Carolina it seems that we dodged most of Hurricane Earl.

I’m sure that some of the folks who boarded up windows, drained their waterlines and left the islands are annoyed that they went to all that trouble.

But, if the hurricane had struck and those folks had been safely sitting 100 miles inland they would have been glad they made the efforts.

Recent studies show we do not like to spend time and money preparing for disasters…it’s a gamble, the disaster may not occur. But, we’ll spend lots more money and time cleaning up the mess after the disaster occurs.

Life’s like that. There are usually a few things that, if we invest in them, will pay off down the road. The investments are usually effort, time, money and emotion. The working out/better health connection is one of the easiest to recognize.

It’s a pain, though, to make those sacrifices and too often we don’t want to do it…and we pay for it later.

What’s the line, “Pay me now or pay me later.”

You can’t go back and invest in the past so that it pays off now or in the future. But, you can ask, “What in my life, if I invest now, might pay off in the future?”

If you are working today I hope you’ll end up with Monday off. Have a big weekend and be careful out there.

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