Friday, September 10, 2010

What Good is Pink Eye?

I’ve had a case of pink eye for about two weeks. It was “impressive” according to the doctor I saw last week and, at this point, has eased off into the “annoying” category.

While I wouldn’t wish anything like this on anyone (except whoever originated the case I have) I will say that I’ve had a couple of life lessons presented to me.

First, we absolutely take some of the most important things in life for granted. Yesterday, while presenting a seminar to 300 people in Greensboro, my eyes started to get squirrely with mucous and I felt like I was looking at them through a dirty window. Like me, you probably take clear vision for granted. Don’t.

Second, there are lots of issues in life that you can’t hurry. I keep thinking that if I could get some stronger medicine this thing would clear up faster. But, would I put stronger medicine in my eyes and take a chance on damaging them? Probably not. Some things take time. Let’em.

I’ve spent so much time lying on the couch and in bed giving myself eye drops (and getting the drops EVERYWHERE BUT IN MY EYES!) that I’ve had time to think about the two lessons related to my pink eye and apply them to other areas of life.

Why don’t you do the same?

What do you take for granted in life? And what are you trying to hurry along that will take its own sweet time?

A weekend is a great time to ponder. Have a good one.

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