Wednesday, September 15, 2010

What Hard Road Are You Travelin'?

Van Morrison’s song, “Someone Like You” has a couple of lines that tend to resonate during difficult times.

“I’ve been travelin’ a hard road,” “I’ve been carryin’ a heavy load.”

When I heard the song the other day those two lines jumped out at me. We often travel those hard roads and carry those heavy loads because of life events, responsibilities we believe we have to take on, or simple chance.

Or, we simply choose the hard road or heavy load. For whatever reason we don’t take the easy way. Some people do it because they don’t know any better. Others choose the difficult path because it’s more of a challenge.

Whatever the reason, the heavier, harder way can wear you down and push you to the point of finally asking, “Isn’t there an easier more positive way to do this?”

Asking the question is a good thing. It’s life’s way of pointing out, “Ok, now you’re ready to learn the lesson.”

What hard road, or heavy load, are you experiencing that….maybe…it’s time to ask, “Is there another way?”

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