Thursday, October 21, 2010

70 Generations Ago

I’m looking at a coin on my desk. It’s a Roman coin made in 365 AD and made of iron, I guess. It’s kinda heavy and there’s a pointy-nosed Roman on one side and some figures on the other.

It was found in a large urn with a bunch of other coins in the middle of a field in England.

Now, obviously, the person who made it is gone as are any of the people who might have been around at that time. In fact, about 70 generations have passed since the coin was made.

When I think about all the little, piddly things that bother us I think about this coin. It’s here and all those folks aren’t.

And their worries, and troubles, and problems aren’t either.

Sooner or later it’s over.

Why not make the best of the time we’re here?

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