Thursday, October 7, 2010

Are You Running To or Away?

The MAO-B is a behavioral profile used in business. To cut to the chase, it determines approach or avoidance in six needs or motivations in life.

Approach means you’re moving towards something. Avoidance means you’re trying to move away from the issue.

For example, in the area of Achievement are you moving toward success or trying to stay away from failure? The motivation to move toward success is simple to understand. But, we all know someone who grew up poor and is determined to never be poor again; moving away from poverty is more important to them than moving toward success.

In Affiliation (relationships) are you moving towards inclusion or away from exclusion. Some people are motivated more to be included in a relationship while others are working hard to keep from being left out. Some people want to be in a loving relationship because they believe they grow when in close contact with a friend or partner. Others are trying to keep from being lonely.

Got it?

Which are you? Broadly speaking, are you running toward something, or working hard to keep away from something else?

I don’t know if there’s any good or bad here. I mean, if you end up rich what does it matter if you were running toward wealth or away from poverty.

But, taken to extreme the motivations can push some folks to negative behaviors; clinginess, victim attitude, unethical choices.

“The most valuable knowledge is self-knowledge,” said Aristotle.

Knowing what pushes you is valuable. Do you know?

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