Friday, October 8, 2010

Be Big

I awoke this morning at a hotel just off I-95 in Wilson, NC...have a seminar this morning at the community college.

When I went into the breakfast area I encountered a women's track team from the School for the Deaf in Louisiana. They are here to compete against one of the deaf schools here in North Carolina.

I watched the girls "talking," checking email, texting, laughing and doing all the things any teenagers and college students do, but without being able to hear or speak. It was amazing.

When I'm in situations like this I often think about how frequently I let some little something get in the way of me accomplishing a goal, getting a daily chore done, or simply enjoying life. And these young people are living life and don't seem to let what, for me, seems a great hindrance get in the way.

I always feel small when I realize that no matter how tough things are in my life there are other folks out there who are not only surviving, but excelling, with much greater burdens than I.

If you are reading this it's likely that you are not starving, you are somewhere cool or warm, you are safe, and you have a great life in front of you. Live it, and enjoy it.

Have a big weekend. I'll see you Monday.

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