Friday, October 15, 2010

Cakes and Columbus

Last night I was in Roanoke Rapids, NC, doing a seminar about how to write a business plan. A woman in the seminar is starting a business of creating custom cakes. These cakes are all the rage now and there are a couple of wild cake shows on the Food Network.

She had pictures of cakes that looked like little kids hiding under a blanket (you could see their little butts and bare feet sticking out), a sports-themed cake with a baseball bat and ball and hat, and a cake with playing cards made from flondant (a sugary substance that comes in sheets and can be cut and molded).

This morning at breakfast I read an article about Columbus Day.

Now, what in the world do those two things: cakebaking and Columbus, have to do with each other?


As humans, we are all about discovery and creativity. We are all creative in some way in our lives. We might not bake cakes or happen upon a new world, but we might be creative in child-rearing, work, worship or any of a range of other activities.

As humans, we seek creative activity. Discovery and the Aha! moments in life are like candy for our brains. The activities make our brains light up on fMRI tests.

Be creative this weekend. Look for something new to see, feel, taste, touch or smell. Invent something. Read something you might never have read before. Go somewhere new. You'll be giving good kinds of candy to your brain.

And, by the way, Columbus didn't discover a new world, 5 million Native Americans were already here.

Have a big weekend!

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