Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A Chimp In a Sailor Suit

Yesterday I went to a financial business for a service. The woman who “helped” me did a reasonable job of providing the service. However, she had this stone-faced expression the entire time.

As I was leaving I asked the young man at the front desk, “Does she ever smile?”

He said, “Yep, at 5:30.”

Here’s the thing: If the only time you ever smile is at the end of the day or when you get your paycheck you’re in the wrong job.

Now, I have to tell you, I don’t expect someone to be dancing like the Irish River Dancers when they provide a service, but I do want to see some sort of reasonably positive, human reaction. A machine or trained chimp could have provided my service yesterday. (Actually, the chimp would have been kinda cool if it had been dressed in a Michael Jackson or Russian sailor outfit)

I certainly understand that people need jobs, but think about it from two sides: From your side, life’s too short to spend a significant part of it in a job you hate. From the customer’s side, life’s tough enough now that we shouldn’t have to put up with a sluggoe when are paying for a simple business transaction.

I’ll say it again: If the only time you enjoy your job is quittin’ time or payday, you’re in the wrong job. You might as well be a chimp in a sailor suit.

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