Thursday, October 14, 2010

Do You Need Some Steel-Toed Shoes?

This blog won’t end like you might expect, so keep reading:

Yesterday, when I was writing the blog I mistakenly wrote, “Even strong men stumble,” instead of the correct quote, “Even strong men struggle.” Then I corrected my mistake.

I thought about the mistake a good bit yesterday and finally came to the belief that it was not a mistake but a Freudian slip.

I’ve had some stumbles over the last year or two and I’m finally coming to grips with them. I’m understanding that truly stumbling only happens if you are moving forward.

You can be moving backward and trip over something because you couldn’t see it. But, I believe that stumbling comes when you see the thing in front of you and you don’t make it over, around or by it.

I know the trip or stumble deal sounds like a simple semantic flip, but I don’t believe that’s the case.

An important question comes to mind after the stumble? Do you want to continue to stumble? Do you straighten up and keep moving? Do you learn from the stumble and try not to stumble in the same way in the future?

We all stumble if we’re trying to actually live life and not just cruise through it on autopilot.

How you recover from the stumble is the key.

Stumbling is a sign that you are trying. Don’t beat yourself up about it. Get up, look back at the thing that made you stumble and ask this question, “Is it important to me to not stumble in the same way in the future?” (Let’s be honest, some people don’t mind stumbling)

If it’s important to you to not stumble you’ll need to make some changes. If you don’t mind the stumble you’d better get some steel-toed shoes.

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