Monday, October 18, 2010

Focus on Solutions

Have been reading a TON about how to deal with change. The change seminar I’ve been doing has gotten pretty popular and I keep studying, trying to fine-tune.

Never mind that I’m studying as much for the answer of how to deal with dramatic changes in my own life, I’m trying to find some answer that make sense for all of us.

Recently, I’ve been trying to track the neuroscience sources of change resistance. I’m looking for what happens in our brains when we are asked to change or we recognize the need for change?

There are a variety of chemical reactions that are interesting, but I’ll fast forward.

When it comes to adapting to change there are three simple rules.

The first one is, “Look for solutions, don’t fixate on the problem.” In simple terms, when we fixate on the problem the neural pathways that recognize the problem get stronger, and the stronger they get the more difficult it becomes to move away from the problem.

Try it. Look for an area of life in which you need to change. Very often, when you start thinking of solutions your mind pulls you away and back to the “Damn, I’ve got a problem” mode of thinking.

But, keep pulling yourself back from the habitual mode of thinking and into the solution frame of mind and you’ll start realizing that some imaginative ideas begin to pop up.

So, the first of the three steps to dealing with change is, “Focus on solutions, no problems.”

I’ll give you the other two steps on Tuesday and Wednesday.

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