Friday, October 22, 2010

Morning is for the Birds

I’ve gotten up at 6 am or earlier every morning this week. Early rising is for the birds….literally and figuratively.

I know some of you get up that early every day…God Bless You.

But, I’m not usually an early morning person. My energy level peaks around mid-afternoon.

Your energy flow is called your Circadian Rhythm.

The more you can work with the flow the more effective you are. At your energy peak you think and talk faster. If you are doing planning during your peak you set higher goals for yourself and come up with more creative ways to overcome challenges.

If at all possible, try to match tasks to your energy level. You’ll work more effectively and have more energy.

And you morning people, be very careful who you meet with or talk to after 3:30 in the afternoon. It’s easy for fatigue and irritability to set in and you may pop off and say something you’ll later regret.

As for energy, the weekend is a great time to reenergize. Have a big time this weekend. See you Monday.

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