Monday, November 29, 2010

7 Doughnuts a Day

Fitness clown Richard Simmons would burst into tears if he had any idea how many doughnuts I ate over the Thanksgiving holiday. It seemed that everywhere I turned there were doughnuts and I thought, “It’s the holidays! Why not?”

This time of year pushes excess on a wide variety of fronts; food, buying things, seeing people, annoyances, joys (if you’ll let them happen).

Today is a wonderful day to bring it all back into balance. There’s no sense in continuing the moving food feast for the next 5 weeks. Why not get back on schedule until Christmas Eve and then blow it out for two days. Then, back on track until New Year’s and you get another couple of days of fun.

My friends realize that I’m not a moderate kind of guy, but what I can do is be moderate part of the time so that I can be a glutton at other times.

In your life, what do you need to dial back for a few days so you can enjoy the excess again?

By the way, I’m having an apple, some turkey (I know, I know), and a glass of milk for breakfast even though I have doughnuts and cake in the kitchen. In fact, I’m going to toss the doughnuts and cake….and that makes ME burst into tears.

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