Monday, November 8, 2010

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Jimmy Buffett's Birthday

Welcome to a new week!

This will be my only Christmas rant, so bare with me. (Is that right…bare? Or, is it bear? Since I’m sitting here in what passes for my pajamas would bare with me have a whole new meaning? Or, would bear with me mean we’d both be kinda overwhelming, as in being a bear to deal with? But, I digress.)

It’s 47 days until Christmas and Santa appeared at a local mall on Saturday. Tons of retailers, especially the big boys, have had their Christmas decorations up since 5 minutes past midnight on Halloween. Santa caps are available at grocery store checkout aisles, and a local radio station announced that it’ll run Christmas music 24/7 starting in a few days.

I’m all for planning ahead, gettin’ deals and making sure what the kids want is available, but, as Coach Bobby Bowden would say, “Dad-gum!”

Let’s enjoy the fall a little and get cranked up about Christmas at 5 minutes past midnight on Thanksgiving.

End of rant.

Thank you for your patience, I’ll be here all week, please tip your waiters and waitresses.

PS...and, yes, Jimmy Buffett was born on Christmas Day.

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