Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Marvin, Pull'em Up, Dude

Thinking and feeling like you’re King or Queen of the Universe is a wonderful experience. If you start believing it, though, life can go off the rails pretty quickly; two events in the last 24 hours have provided me with examples of that.

Last night I went to see Russell Crowe’s new movie, “The Last 3 Days.” It’s ok..kinda slow…but a good message. Anyway, I’m coming out of the theatre and here’s Marvin Austin, UNC’s preseason All America at defensive tackle who has been the cornerstone of a humiliating NCAA investigation, traipsing out of another theatre with his jeans down around his butt and looking every bit the silly man-child who dashed Carolina’s dreams of a great season. Living, walking proof of my mantra this season, “High hopes dashed by dopes.”

This morning, the Raleigh News and Observer noted that former-governor Mike Easley would accept a plea bargain with state and federal authorities for campaign expense improprieties. He’ll be the first governor in the history of North Carolina to be convicted in court of a crime related to his official service.

Both these guys thought they were Kings of the Universe and lots of folks around them encouraged that belief. And the belief that they were invincible led them to color outside the lines.

In the South we have a phrase; we say that someone has gotten “too big for their britches.” The NCAA, UNC and state and federal authorities have shrunk these guys down a size or two.

I know I’ve got an area of life in which I need to get a more realistic grip. Do you?

One last thought. Marvin, pull’em up, dude.

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