Wednesday, November 10, 2010

We Are All Batman's Villain, Two-Faced

A seminar attendee in yesterday’s program was telling me that he has twin daughters; four-years old.

He was saying that they are opposites; one loud, the other quiet; one courageous, the other seeks security. He said, “One wants to swim to the deepest part of the ocean while the other won’t get her ankles wet.”

I left thinking that we are all like that to some degree. We have the opposites of style and behavior in us and what we hope we do is show the appropriate side when necessary (kinda like the Batman villain Two-Face).

When we show one side more than the other we get a reputation of being that way; and we may come to assume that we are that behavior (ex. I’m cautious, or quiet, or a saver, or…you get it).

Making a leap to the opposite and rejecting what you’ve always done is difficult. I love the fact that the act can be thought of as courageous, but the label seems to only apply when the leap works. If it doesn’t, and you see the cliff on which you had hoped to land start rising above you as you fall, the jump seemed foolhardy.

No wonder we, as humans, seek safety and security. The benefits we gain rarely seem worth the pain until we get them.

Unless the thrill of the leap itself is the benefit....and we are not concerned about whether we land or not.

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