Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Book Blog #2

Someone actually reads and understands this blog.

Last Friday I said that there were two books I’d read recently that were outstanding; one was Gary Vaynerchuk’s book, Crush It! and I said I’d talk about the other one on Monday.

Weeelllll, I forgot about the other book for yesterday’s blog and a friend mentioned it.

So, here’s the book: Different, by Harvard Professor Youngme Moon does a wonderful job of explaining why the best companies are doing outrageous things to stand out and be different.

The basic problem is that most companies are doing the same and come across as the same. Think McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Hardees and Burger King. Yes, there are small differences like fried vs flame broiled. But, for the most part they are the same.

Now, think about companies like Jet Blue that only have one seating selection, no food, and go to only a few places. But, their seats are extraordinarily comfortable and you have lots of leg room. Different.

If you own a business or really want to know what works in marketing, get Different.

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