Monday, December 13, 2010

Pick UP Your POOP!

“Pick UP Your POOP!” is a sign being carried by four kids in a Cary neighborhood.

Two boys and two girls, all under 12-years old, decided that some of the adults in their area had been too slack in cleaning up after their pets so the kids created the sign and started going door-to-door to enlist families in an awareness program.

“One old lady shook her fist at my dad when he asked her to clean up her dog’s poop,” said one boy.

These kids are learning some great lessons. Obviously, they are learning teamwork, goal-setting and communications.

But, they are also learning that some folks just don’t care about the mess they make and they have no intention of cleaning it up.

Do you know people like that in your workplace?

So, what do you do?

In the workplace, if you can point out the poop in a reasonable way, some will become aware of it and clean it up, or stop doing whatever the poop-creating activity might be.

Other people won’t care, won’t clean it up, and won’t stop.

At that point, you have some interesting decisions to make, don’t you?

PS. A Zen attitude would simply say, “Pick UP their POOP, throw it away, forget it and move on.” Thinking and worrying and obsessing about their poop causes more friction than the simple task.

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