Friday, December 31, 2010

A Ticking Clock and a Second Chance

As I’ve said before, I’m always hesitant to use sports analogies in situations where there are readers or audience participants who aren’t into sports.

However, my Tar Heels’ victory last night over Tennessee in double overtime in Nashville’s Music City Bowl is too good to pass up.

The game went back and forth, up and down. It looked like the referees were going to steal the game, penalties played a crucial role and every time you turned around it looked like a Tennessee player was trying to start a fight. Some kids went from hero to goat and back in the course of a single play.

And then, we won!

I had to go out and buy two newspapers this morning to make sure it really happened.

But, for the last hour or so I’ve thought about the game in relation to the concept of second chances. I’ve given you more game details than you probably want, but the win was based on the fact that the Tar Heels got a second chance at the end of the game.

Life is like that. Depending on how you frame your experiences and your life you can almost always get a second chance…even with life. Energy is a force that cannot be destroyed, it simply changes form. So, even at death our energy moves on to another form; we get a second chance.

There are few better times to recognize the potential of a second chance than New Year’s.

If you need a second chance, take it.

And have a great New Year’s…and New Year.

See you Monday.

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