Monday, December 20, 2010

What Guys Think About

Spent the last 24 hours with 5 guys; some of whom I knew and some I didn’t.

The group ranged in ages from about mid-40s to upper-50s, in education from high school or less to advanced degrees, in income from “not a proverbial pot” to a lot of money, in fitness from “would have trouble walking a mile” to a triathlete, and in street smarts from innocent to extremely knowledgeable. Needless to say it was a diverse group.

And I can tell you up front that this was not a Bible study group.

One of our guys was treating all of us to a Charlotte Panthers game and a wide range of recreational and after-dark activities.

It was one of those times that proved to me that people are people.

Someone once said, “Small people talk about people; very small people talk about themselves; great people talk about ideas.”

I was obviously with a group of great people because some of the ideas discussed ranged through: girls, travel, women, Christmas trees, beer, sports, cars, philosophical ideas of life, women, guns, vacations, books, tequila and “brown water,” Kindles, haunted houses, bowling, women, kids, wives, ex-wives, multiple ex-wives, work, could you really laugh yourself to death?, fire control, kitchen equipment, cheating in college athletics, money, women, movies, drugs, spirituality vs church, hat sizes and women.

People are people. We are all concerned with being happy, finding love and doing something that matters. How we reach the goals we desire within those three things can be different for all kinds of people, but life boils down to those three issues; happiness, love and mattering.

How ya doin’ in those three areas?

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