Wednesday, December 15, 2010

You Go, Middle Class!

Today must be Values Day.

My devotional reading this morning was all about understanding your personal values and being true to yourself.

Then, an article by New York Times columnist David Brooks focused on the global rise of middle class values such as “industry, prudence, ambition, neatness, order, moderation and continuing self-improvement.”

Ok, Ok, so those of you who know me are questioning my commitment to prudence, neatness and moderation. I gotcha. Let’s move on.

Brooks’ point is that an increasing middle class (from 430 million world-wide in 2000 to 1.5 billion by 2030) bodes well for America. We INVENTED middle class.

What I took away from the article was an optimism about where the world is headed. If the objectives of an increasing number of the world’s people are to have more comfortable lifestyles, children with better lives, and reasonable retirements then terrorism, theocracy and intolerance simply can’t win in the long run.

We need to keep the hammer down on terrorism—especially cyberterrorism—but let’s focus on getting people back to work so they can have better lives.

I mean, without a job you can’t by a Barcalounger. It’s hard to think about blowing something up when you’re laid back in a recliner watching football.

Pass those cashews over here, will ya?

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