Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Cold In the Shadows

Here in Paradise…or Chapel Hill, as some would call it…most of the snow has been melted away by the sun, except what’s in the shadows.

There’s a wonderful metaphor in there if you look for it.

It’s shady and dark in the shadows. Just the place to keep things cold. And cold slows activity.

If you stay in the shadows you may feel safe, but you slow down. In today’s world slow is not good…unless you’re a sniper and as they say, “slow is smooth and smooth is fast,” but that’s another blog and I digress.

Walking through the shadows you can feel the cold. That’s not what life, at least most of life, is supposed to feel like if you want to feel alive.

So, step out into the sun. Might be risky, might get a little too hot once in awhile, but that’s life.

Where are the shadows in your life? Where are the places that seem safe, but are actually slowing you down and keeping you from experiencing life?

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