Friday, January 28, 2011

Is the Real You On-line?

Are you the same person on-line as you are as a flesh-and-blood human?

The question is being asked a lot now and not for reasons you might expect…if you ever expected the question to be asked at all.

It’s estimated that 375,000 FaceBook users die annually. What happens to their digital assets? Blogs, tweets, web-based game avatars, FaceBook and YouTube posts are all digital assets.

The term digital assets is being used by a couple of Raleigh techies and entrepreneurs who have a site, Check it out.

But, let’s go back to the original question: If, after reading this blog, you dropped dead, would the readers or viewers of all the digital assets you’ve posted on the Web have an accurate view of who you are…mmm…were?

I have a friend who’s a human resources professional. When he interviews people now one of the conditions of the interview is that they “friend” him on FaceBook and give him their Twitter address if they have an account. He goes back to their posts and sees what type of things they write or show.

I’m trying to convince the young guys in the fraternity I advise that what they post on-line lives forever…for…ev…er. And, if they think my HR friend is a rarity, they’re wrong.

Who are you on-line?

See you Monday.

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