Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Strolling Into the New Year

This year has started the same as the last and the one before that and the one before that………

I want to hit the ground running, but I always seem to bump the ground strolling.

I'll spend the last few weeks of the previous year heavily involved in looking back and grading the year and looking ahead to opportunities and doing some planning.

And then the festivities and open days hit and I’m catching up on movies and working out more which at least offsets the eating and partying more.

And then the first few workdays of the new year are upon me and I’m watching bowl games and sleeping a little late and thinking, “I have GOT to get this planning finished!”

But, something else happens…I always get a few important things done and new clients call about exciting opportunities.

Strolling is not that bad if things…even a few things…are getting done.

The key is to simply pick up speed…and the next thing you know you’re sprinting towards the new year or away from the last. I can feel myself doing both.

Come join me!

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