Friday, January 14, 2011

Windshield University

In a little while I’ll be starting a 3+ hour drive to the coast for two days of seminars.

I’m looking forward to the drive. I keep a supply of books on CDs so I can learn while in the car.

The average American spends about 1,000 hours a year driving. Some experts even call the time Windshield University. One study offered that you could get a college education in five years by listening to books in your car (‘course, that wouldn’t count the beer drinking, sleeping late, watching football games and trying to talk your date into staying over…at least some of that couldn’t be done in your car…but then, some could…but that’s another blog).

And listening and driving is not that distracting. I only listen out on the interstate and I don’t usually listen to fiction; my mind starts to wander and I miss some of the plot. But, with nonfiction I can simply reverse or click back to the section I missed and listen again.

I have a friend who was in the great ice-induced gridlock in Raleigh a few years ago and said she almost had a “running fit” (I love that phrase!) in the hours she spent in her car in traffic. I had a great time. I listened to about 5 books on CD.

Do you use your time behind the wheel constructively or do you go brain dead? Put your windshield time to good use, learn something. Get smarter.

What topic interests you that you might think, “I’d love to know more about this but I just don’t have time to spend reading about it”? I can assure you that there is a book on CD somewhere about the topic.

Enjoy the weekend. Stay warm.


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