Monday, February 21, 2011

The 500 and Forever

Trevor Bayne, 20, a NASCAR rookie, won the Daytona 500 yesterday.

Now, don’t immediately click away simply because you saw the word “NASCAR.”

Here’s the point of today’s blog: Is Trevor winning NASCAR’s biggest race (stock car racing is the only sport that has its biggest event at the beginning of the season) a good thing or not?

It’ll sure mean more sponsors, more exposure, more money, more…companionship.

But, with the win comes a level of expectation that may be hard to live up to, or live down.

How sad would it be to think that the high point of your life happened before you could legally buy a drink?

How many folks do you know who won big early in life with a discovery, job, athletic accomplishment or relationship…and that was the peak of their lives? And they’ve been resting on those wilted laurels ever since?

Cruising only happens when you’re going downhill.

What have you done for us…or yourself…lately?

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  1. Mike, I think the key is whether you rest on your laurels (or not). The odds are, Trevor Bayne will never have a day like he did on Sunday. But will he be sitting in a barbershop when he's 40, talking about the good ole days, or will he spend the next 20 years trying to be a successful Sprint Cup racer?