Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Get Out of My Life!

Recently I discovered a wonderful book about raising teenagers, Get Out of My Life! But First Could You Take Me and Cheryl to the Mall?, by Anthony E. Wolfe.

It's filled with great tips, tactics and strategies about how to deal with young people who at times seem to be creatures from another planet.

But, what first caught my eye was the title. You have to love it!

The whole range of life experiences is caught up in two simple phrases. You have:
- The plea for control in life
- The acknowledgement that others often control our destiny
- The conflict between wanting to be young and wanting to be an adult

Here's what really struck me matter what our ages most of us are still struggling with some of these issues. We still want to be totally in control but we hope there is someone or something watching over us. Very often we want lives in which two or more issues are diametrically opposed. We hate the fact that there may be some individuals, institutions or forces that hold sway over us.

So, maybe life doesn't change all that much as we go along. Maybe we just get a little better at handling the craziness.

What beliefs or actions in life do you need to cut yourself a little slack for? If you were parenting the teenage you, how would you handle the situation?

PS. If you have a teenager (on the other hand, maybe we don't have teenagers...maybe they are like cats...they have US as long as they want us) or if you know someone who is a parent to teenagers, Get Out of My Life! can be a great resource.

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