Friday, February 18, 2011

Gravy, Again!

What do gravy and tight economic times have to do with each other?

Like many men I’ll put gravy on ANYTHING! In fact, I’m convinced that spaghetti sauce is actually gravy for pasta, dressing is gravy for salad and syrup is gravy for ice cream.

Yesterday I jotted a fun note about my love for gravy on my FaceBook page and I’ve had about 20 comments come back to me. Obviously, I hit a nerve.

Gravy is one of those simple pleasures of life that doesn’t cost much, isn’t hard to find and provides a level of satisfaction that is difficult to match.

Finding simple pleasures is a great thing in tight economic times. Yesterday, the governor of North Carolina used the word “austerity” in her state of the state speech a number of times. The whole range of media is noting the trend away from conspicuous consumption and towards simpler lives.

If something as simple and economical as gravy provides a safe, legal, high level of satisfaction, then it’s a good thing.

And yes, I can hear the nattering nabobs of negativity (A Reagan phrase) screeching that gravy is bad for us. Well, don’t drink it by the glass; although, I was once caught sipping brown gravy from a small condiment cup at Golden Corral.

What simple pleasure in your life can you turn to that provides a high level of satisfaction? It doesn’t have to be food. It could be a walk, a talk with a special someone, a book…it’s up to you.

Whatever it is, try some of it this weekend. And have a great one.

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