Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Matches? What Matches?

Today is my 600th blog...gotta get some points for persistence.

Visited with my mother last night and, as usual, learned a valuable lesson. She's 82 and in pretty good physical health. Mentally, in terms of short-term memory, she's sliding a little.

Recently mom bought a couple of boxes of those big kitchen matches. They're easier to use when lighting a candle in a glass container. She had misplaced them and looked all around her house. I was going to come in and be the hero and find the matches; I figured she'd just laid them down somewhere and forgotten where they were.

I looked high and low, in the bathroom, in her dresser drawers (and, yes, I'm 58 and it's still unsettling to see your my mother's underwear so, if you're a guy, you're no different), I even looked in the refrigerator and...no matches.

So, after dinner we rode around to a few stores and I found a Dollar General that sold kitchen matches and bought a four boxes. I'm the hero.

We get back to the house and as soon as we walked in the back door I opened the broom closet to put the matches on a shelf and.....right....the lost matches were on a shelf in plain sight. The broom closet, probably the most obvious place, was the one place I had not looked.

I'm a dope.

Well, not really a dope, but human.

Mom and I had a laugh about it and moved on.

Sometimes when we screw up in life the best thing to do is to just chalk it up to being human, laugh at yourself, and slide on down the road.

(But you can bet that I left those damn new matches out in plain sight!)

What have you done recently that you should just cut yourself some slack about and simply move on?

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