Monday, February 7, 2011

What Do You Think About the Next Big Thing?

Everywhere you turn in the business and popular media today you’re seeing either information about or examples of “change.”

Yesterday, as the 2011 Super Bowl concluded, the talking heads were all raving that Green Bay quarterback, Aaron Rodgers, was the new big thing…change.

Recent articles in The Harvard Business Review, Wall Street Journal, Time magazine, and trashcan loads (literal and digital) of magazines and websites, all talk about hyperchange and how we will be affected by it and can deal with it.

But, here’s the challenge: Most folks don’t understand the difference between change and transitions.

Change is external. Company policies and government regulations change, our bodies change, where we live and how we get from one place to another changes.

Transitions are internal. How we deal with all the changes, and how long it takes us to get to the new reality after the change is what is truly difficult for us. How we feel about it.

You can talk about change all you want to, but it’s the transitions we get caught up in.

What transitions are you going through now? How ya doin’?

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