Monday, March 7, 2011

And Then, God Said to Me...

Saturday, in a Hardees in Chadbourn, NC, of all places, I had a revelation. It was one of those moments where the sky seems to open up and you have a thought that is so strong that it could be the voice of God, or whatever is up there, saying “Mike, I want to tell you something.”

So, I listened.

And what I heard was, “You don’t have to wait to finish one thing before you start another.”

Like you, I have a couple of major issues going on in my life at the same time.

For the last few years I’ve convinced myself that one of the issues had to be concluded, completed, finished, tied up in a neat package with a bow, before I could begin the other.

The thought I experienced at the Hardees in Chadbourn told me that I don’t have to wait and, in fact, shouldn’t wait to get started. That…in fact…getting started on the second project may help me come to some sort of conclusion about the first.

I have not lived a linear life. But, I’ve always believed that I should. So, I keep trying to. Sometimes linear doesn’t work. Sometimes you have to go A…B…D…L…C.

What are you waiting to happen so you can get started on that thing, the gift that you alone have the ability to give the rest of us…to give life?

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