Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Annotate This!

Keep it simple, Keep it clear.

Yesterday, I contacted my life insurance company, Lincoln Financial, to simply change the mailing address on my policy.

I had received two (2) copies of exactly the same letter informing me that they needed an address change. The address to which they sent the letters was the correct address in the first place but that didn’t seem to matter. They had also sent some information to an incorrect address.

After going through a phone system that makes the Pentagon look easy to get into I finally got a human voice. He was cheerful, professional and proceeded to ask me everything but my underwear size.

I suggested that things could be simpler a couple of times.

Our conversation had gotten waaaaay past the point at which I’m sure he thought I was an ass when he said it….

“I’ll be annotating that.”


“I’ll be annotating that for you.”

(me) “Annotating?”

“Yes. You know, writing it down.”

“Yes, Noah Webster. I know what annotating means. Why not just say you’re writing it down?”

The rest of the conversation went further south from there until I hung up and called my independent insurance agent in Charlotte. I told him the story and he laughed, “Yeah, that’s their No Service Department. They want you to call us so it doesn’t bother them.”

Keep it simple, keep it clear.



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