Monday, March 14, 2011

I Can See My Feet Now!

Ok…we’re back.

Looking down at the scales this morning I had a revelation: If you want to make a million bucks create a weight-loss program that allows you to lose 13 pounds in 60 hours.

No, you don’t have to cut off your head.

The virus last week put the whammy on me for a few days and the scales are telling me a new story.

What I’m taking away from this—in addition to a trip to the Food Lion for more paper products—is that I like the number on the scale and I’m going to see it as a running (no pun intended) start on losing more weight…

…in a more healthy way.

I’ve known that I needed to carve off some pounds for awhile but the new numbers are good incentives.

The virus results were a breakthrough…a breakthrough is something, anything, that changes the equation.

You can take a negative and use it as a breakthrough to a positive.

What would change the equation for you in any area of life?

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  1. Hey Mike - I had the same experience with the flu!