Thursday, March 31, 2011

One Minute for Your Life

I don’t do a lot of plugging products and people here and maybe I should.

I’m a firm believer that we learn from each other and sharing resources is a good thing. One of the educational groups I present for has a motto, “Steal shamelessly and share selflessly.” I like that.

There are two folks from whom I constantly learn: Seth Godin and Marcus Buckingham.

Godin authored The Dip, Tribes, and a bunch of other books, mostly about marketing. The Dip is the best book about dealing with change since Who Moved My Cheese. Like Cheese it’s a small format book, easy to read, and wonderfully informative. Tribes is the best book about leadership I’ve seen in the last 15-20 years. If you are a leader and/or manager you’ve got to have Tribes on your bookshelf. It’s also a small format book you can read in an evening.

Go to and click “blog.” Register for the blog and you’ll get it every day. There will almost always be a thought that leads to an “aha” moment. Reading Godin's blog is the first thing I do every morning. The...first...thing.

Buckingham worked for the Gallup Organization for 10 years doing research on workplace effectiveness. He discovered that people who focus on their strengths are better workers, more successful and happier than people who spend a lot of energy trying to overcome their weaknesses. All his work is based on discovering, managing and maximizing your strengths. Some folks see Buckingham as the new Peter Drucker.

Go to and click on “Resources.” Then subscribe to the e-zine. You’ll get it once a week and it always has usable information.

Do it right now. Go to both sites. It’ll only take you about 1 minute and the payoff will be extraordinary.

Go on. Do it.

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