Monday, March 28, 2011

Who Planted the Seeds?

On Saturday my high school class (‘70) had a reunion along with all the other classes from the ‘70s.

I had a chance to see a lot of classmates, teachers and coaches I haven’t seen in years.

During the night I began to think about the profound impact some of the people had had on my life.

The two coaches I idolized taught me that I could accomplish more, suffer more, accept and dish out more pain, and appreciate life more than I thought I could…as a young man and as an adult.

One of my English teachers was the first person who appreciated my writing and encouraged me to continue and take it to another level.

A geometry teacher taught me to look at life from all angles; that skill alone has made all the difference in my outlook on business, people, spirituality and fitness.

Experiences like Saturday prove to us that our lives are multi-layered and that we should appreciate those whose influence has helped us become who we are.

I’m planning on writing some thank-you notes this week.

Who do you need to thank for who you are?

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