Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Are You Living or Dying?

Saw these two lines this morning in my devotional, “You are alive only to the degree that you’re trying something new. You are dying a little bit each day with each repetition of the things you’ve always done.”

If that doesn’t make the light bulb go off over your head I don’t know what will.

Fear keeps us from doing new things. We’re worried about being embarrassed, overwhelmed, that we’ll lose control, that we’ll fail. But, think of the old acronym, F.E.A.R.: Future Events Appearing Real.

Think of the worst that could happen. Then, ask yourself, “How would I deal with the worst?”

Now, understand that not only have you identified the worst that could happen, you could deal with it.

Fear keeps us from having the life we imagine for ourselves. Fear leads to what Thoreau described as lives “of quiet desperation.”

I have a fear of the future I’ve been trying to conquer. The worst that could happen relating to the fear is that I’m sitting here a couple of years from now in the same life. And this life is pretty good. So the fear is unfounded.

I’m making some phone calls in the next few minutes; the first steps in seeing if I can make the dream come true.

Are you going after the new, or settling for the old?

Are you living or dying?

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