Friday, April 29, 2011

Don'tcha Just Hate That?!!

Yesterday I promised I'd reveal the secret to having fun at matter what you do.

You aren't going to like this.

The secret is that you choose to have fun.

That's to make work a positive effort and to have fun at it.

And yes, there are people at work who are buttheads and there are things you wish you didn't have to do.

But, every morning you roll out of bed and make a choice about your day. You choose whether or not it's positive or negative, good or bad.

'Cause if it's "them" who makes your life or work a hellhole then you can blame "them." If you understand that it's you who makes the choice and every day is a slog in the mud then you only have yourself to blame.

Don'tcha just hate that?!!

Make your choice.

In fact, choose to have a great weekend. I'm headed to the beach. See you Monday.

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