Thursday, April 7, 2011

I'm Not Customer Service

I can’t get the phone encounters I had day before yesterday out of my mind. In addition to PSNC Energy I called the bank that has my car loan, Fifth Third Bank (I don’t have a clue how it got the name…some sort of bank espionage probably), to ask a simple question.

Considering the trouble I had getting through their automated system to a human you’d have thought that I was trying to call Moammar Ghadaffi to order a pizza.

I finally get a person who sounds like a young guy and he’s got that, “I never actually thought I’d have to work for a living” attitude.

I get the information I need and I take a moment tell him how hard it was to get through to him.

He says….wait for it….”I’m not customer service. I’m customer information.”

In today’s world EVERYONE is customer service.

If someone has a negative encounter with your company they’ll tell, on average, 26 people about it during the coming year.

Word gets around.

Whether you want to believe it or not, you are customer service for your employer, your family and YOU, Inc.

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