Tuesday, April 5, 2011

There's Some Jerk On Line 2!

Yesterday my car was covered with pollen. When I told my mother about it and mentioned that I needed to get it washed she said, “Well, don’t wash it. There’s some storms rolling in and they’ll wash your car for you.”

And, sure enough, that’s what happened.

I’m not known for patience. Every couple of years I send an email to a wide range of friends and clients and I ask two questions: What is my greatest strength? And, what area of my personality, if I could improve it, would have a positive effect on my business? (the second question is a low-key, Southerner’s way of asking, “What is my greatest weakness?”)

Every time I do the exercise the answer to the second question is the same: My impatience. It translates to being irritated with folks who don’t move fast enough, rude to people who don’t seem smart enough, and off-putting to folks who might want to get closer to me.

So, getting a little older, I’ve decided that maybe I need to work on being a little more patient.

It isn’t easy. Today I came pretty close to lighting up a customer service rep with PSNC Energy because they couldn’t find some information. When they put me on hold to transfer me to a manager I could see them walking to the guy’s doorway and warning him, “There’s some a**hole on line 2.”

Patience, patience.

I AM trying.

What area of your personality, if you could improve it, might have a dramatically positive effect on your life?

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