Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Ya Say It's My Birthday?!!

Today’s my birthday!

Someone once said that any person who celebrates their birthday after the age of 12 is wasting their time.

I totally disagree.

Birthdays are times to look back over the last year and ask yourself, “Am I closer to where I want to be, or not.”

Granted, we’re certainly “another day older,” as the song goes.

But, that’s not necessarily a bad thing if you learn something new each day.

Here’s what’s happened on my day. If you want to know about your day Google Chase’s Calendar of Events.

Thomas Jefferson Day, Birth anniversary of the third president of the US (1742-1826).

150th anniversary of the attack on Fort Sumter at Charleston, SC—the first major engagement of the American Civil War.

50th anniversary of the first man in space: Cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin became the first man in space when he made a 108-minute voyage orbiting Earth on Vostok I.

Children’s Day in Florida
National Be Kind To Lawyers Day (seriously?!)
National Licorice Day
Walk on Your Wild Side Day (In that case it should be Mike Collins Day)

Death anniversary of Franklin Delano Roosevelt at Warm Springs, GA, in 1945.

In 1742, Georg Frederick Handel conducted the first performance of Messiah at Dublin, Ireland. Handel also was the harpsichordist.

In 1962, Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring was published.

And Happy Birthday! David Cassidy, Tom Clancy, Claire Danes, Herbie Hancock, David Letterman, Peabo Bryson, Bill Conti, Al Green, Garry Kasparov, Davis Love III, Ron Perlman, Paul Sorvino, Lyle Waggoner, Max Weinberg, authors Samuel Beckett (1906-1989) and Eudora Welty (1909-2001).

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