Thursday, May 12, 2011

Dunking at Pauley Pavilion

In January, 1996 one of my best friends, Al Ward, and I went to Los Angeles on a trip.

We had always wanted to see UCLA so we walked around on campus until we found Pauley Pavilion. This wonderful structure is the home of the UCLA basketball program, the iconic home of Coach John Wooden and 11 national championships.

The front doors were locked so we walked around the building and Al found an unlocked door. We snuck in the back of what turned out to be a concession stand and….as we walked around inside the building appeared to be empty.

Sooooo, we walked down on the floor and took a bunch of pictures of us on center court with the big UCLA logo with us wearing UNC shirts and hats! Ha!

I looked around and found some collapsible goals that were about 6 feet off the floor. We found some basketballs and spent about a half-hour shooting and DUNKING on the goals.

One of my dreams had always been to be able to dunk a basketball. If you know me you know I’d find it impossible to dunk on a regular height goal.

But, now I can say that not only have I dunked a basketball, I’ve DUNKED at Pauley Pavilion.

There’s a lot of ways to make your dreams come true.

What are your dreams?

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