Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Gas Cap Just Up and Walked Off

I needed a lawn mower. Since I don’t need a John Deere tractor to cut my grass I bought $130 push mower from Home Depot.

My lawn mower was so inexpensive that I HAD TO PUT IT TOGETHER.

Now, that’s not a big problem. I may have minimal mechanical skills but I consider myself a marginally intelligent person. I can do this.

And, yes, thank you, I’m proud to say that I assembled my mower with minimal difficulty…thanks more to the smart people at Home Depot and Briggs and Stratton than to me.

I put oil in it and filled the gas tank and then….could not for the life of me find the cap to the gas tank.

I looked high and low, in and out, up and down and all around. No cap.

At times like this I try not to explode…EVERYTHING HAD WORKED RIGHT AND NOW THIS!!!

So, I did what I sometimes do when I’ve misplaced something; I sat down to observe the scene.

Sometimes, in a stressful situation, if you can stand or sit or think somewhere different it gives you a whole new perspective. You see the scene in a new way and…you see that the gas cap has fallen down between a wheel and the lawn mower body.

What situation in your life might benefit from standing or sitting or thinking in a different place?

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