Wednesday, May 4, 2011

What's Your Calling?

Presented a seminar on Monday for a 100+ home health care and hospice professionals.

I believe that to do that sort of work you have to be a special kind of person.

Having the qualities that allow you to care for others, watch and attempt to alleviate their pain, and help family members deal with the illnesses and passing of a loved one is rare. Some people seem to be born to the work.

I believe that type of work gets you into heaven.

I also believe we are all born to some type of work. It may not be work we do for a living, but it’s something we have a special skill, affinity or talent for. A calling, if you will, that we weren meant to do.

Most of the studies about work show that when people are engaged in an effort using their talents and skills to the max; something they have a real “feel” for, they are happier and more fulfilled.

What were you called to do?

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  1. It is amazing how we are called to do one thing in one part of our life and another later in life. We never know when this change will take place. However there is always a central theme to callings in all the stages of our lives. Sometimes we have to unclutter our lives to figure out who we really are and what we are called to do.

    I have found this true in my life as my health dictated what I can do. The kicker is to do and not lay down and give up. Turn a corner and find your calling if it has changed. You will be happy you did.